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What people need at most these days in Fiverr?

Hey there.

i have 11 gigs and many views but no sale. There are 2 reasons. Or my gig is very very bad :stuck_out_tongue: or people are not interested in them.

What is best selling to you these days?


I recommend finding something that you are really good at and focusing on that one at first. Like @Voiceoverwork said, you have many different Gigs, but your Profile says you are a programmer. Maybe you can offer a Gig to do some programming? It may also be good practice for your studies.

Also, take some time to check your grammar and spelling. I understand many of us on Fiverr don’t speak English for their first language, but it is important to look as professional as possible. I constantly check my Gig and change some words to make sure my first impression is a good one, and also to avoid any miscommunication with my buyers.

And you should try to use your own images instead of generic ones and add more details about what your Gig is about, what you are offering, how your Gig can benefit your customers, and/or why they should choose you? Do a quick search to look at other people’s similar Gigs… If you were a customer, would you choose your Gig or theirs, where the seller spent a lot of time genuinely thinking about and clearly stating how they would help their customers?

Lastly, be patient and give it a little time. I didn’t get any orders on my first Gig until a few days later… I wasn’t expecting anything at all, so it was actually a pleasant surprise for me.

Hope this helps! And good luck! :slight_smile:

Best regards,



Hi and welcome.

You have too many totally unrelated gigs, If your expertise is “C Language” and “Programming” why do you offer “Gift Ideas”, “Photos of Food” and “Bracelets”? Your 15 gigs are all over the map and confusing.

People will buy from a Seller they trust, with specific knowledge in an area they need.

Its best to start off with 1 or 2 related gigs and test them.

Reply to @voiceoverwork: I just like em all :slight_smile:

I like programming ,I like cooking, I like writing, i like reading documets,i like typing and i like helping people with gifts :stuck_out_tongue:

I suppose i should delete some gigs… :confused:

aggelospats said: i have 11 gigs and many views but no sale. There are 2 reasons. Or my gig is very very bad :P or people are not interested in them.

The answer lies within..... :)

Reply to @voiceoverwork: haha yeah both of them is the answer :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply to @cyuena: Hey there. In order to sell programming stuff I must be very very good at it and yet i am not that great :slight_smile: I just like it. I can’t offer the best at it yet :slight_smile:

Thank you for your advices Chris :slight_smile:

it’s all great!