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What people try to achieve in this forum?

Hey there folks I’m Darren and I’m wondering if someone could explain me why people create topics like: “I’m back”, “I’m new”, “I have no orders” and pathetic themes… I just don’t want to mention exact ones to not make illusion that I try to offend someone, can anyone explain this to me? So is there any trick in all of this? is that help someone anyhow? There is a tons of material where people share their experience of success with others in most of case I think they just copy each other and give very generic information which every one know but anyway there is a tons of information how you can for example get more orders or videos how to use and become a seller on fiverr. Maybe it’s time to create more useful topics more related with the work we do? any making more interesting topics to just chat and change with ideas? so that they develop us more?


Many new sellers come here to the Fiverr forums because they erroneously believe that posting random, usually off-topic, comments will translate to more sales. It won’t. This is just a forum – a forum on which users can chat, interact, and learn – as you encouraged. New sellers posting here will not guarantee more sales just because they choose to be active here. The only thing they’ll obtain on this forum is knowledge. If they want sales, they’ll have to make that happen themselves.