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What percentage of your buyers are from Fiverr?

Just curious what percentage of everyones buyers are from members of Fiverr that have found you by searching on Fiverr?

I am finding that 85% of buys for gigs are because of links I am placing on social media, mainly Facebook.

I think that if I bring a buyer in from outside of Fiverr I should retain most of what the buyer is paying me since I brought them here. 5% seems more in line then the 20% they take.



For me it’s 100% I’ve never advertised my gigs and I don’t feel the need to.


That’ great. How long have you been a member of Fiverr? I have been here a few weeks. Maybe in time it will convert to more buyers from this community.

Since July 2017, I received my first order after 2 weeks of signing up. I believe it’s more a question of how high the demand for your category is than how much you advertise yourself. If the market is oversaturated in your niche, you can do all the marketing in the world, the buyers can just look at the next seller in your niche. I also believe that returning customers are more important than 1st time buyers.

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I get 100% of my sales through Fiverr. If someone contacts me on social media, I never direct them to Fiverr. We simply conduct business on our own and avoid paying the fees.

I never had someone tell me they found me on social media and followed me to Fiverr.

Wow, that’s a great amount of orders. More than 20 orders in just a few weeks is really impressive!