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What percentage of your buyers leave you reviews?

I just noticed they have that statistics in the new analytics (I know they had kind’a had it before, but it wasn’t that clear). For me, it’s 67% of my buyers left me reviews. So I was just wondering is that an average number, do you guys have more or less?

To encourage my buyers to leave me reviews, I add this sentence to the delivery message (after I’ve told them that they can contact me with any questions or concerns about the order, of course):

Alternatively, if you are happy with my work, I’d appreciate it if you mark the order as complete and leave a Fiverr review.

I never say “leave a good review”. A few times it has backfired and people have left bad reviews. Sometimes they would leave a 4 stars review. But I figure I can learn from the feedback and at least the ones who are happy do leave great reviews.

So I was just wondering if this sentence is something that’s really working or if 67% is just an average percentage for review-leaving.

Thanks for your help!


My all time review percentage is 72%.
In the beginning I used to request reviews and tried various methods but I haven’t done that in a long time. My review percentage has stayed consistent throughout and from other sellers I think somewhere between 60-80% is the average.

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It ALL depends on your concluding remarks upon delivery.
(Mind you, I DO NOT ask by buyers for a review, BUT there’s always ways to phrase a statement so that you get them to think about it and have them act upon it)


When buyers who don’t leave a review come back for another order I tax them by not giving them some advantages I would normally grant them. It’s kind of a you-did-not-leave-a-review-tax.


97%… I think if you are beginner then yes you need to send these type of messages because you are in need of reviews and to build your profile.


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It is 56% (Char 20…)

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Love that lol! :slight_smile: most of my return stop leaving reviews after the first couple of orders, I feel it’s kind of ‘I already said what I had to say’

How do you deal with that?

Ok, I feel bad now! It’s obviously on the lower end :frowning: must do something about that

92% and I do ask them in polite way… “It will be great if you could rate the order”…

68% and I don’t care any more.

Like ^^ you made my day :wink:

What about this “if you like the end product consider leaving feedback” does this sentence violate the fiverr terms and conditions ?

So asking for a review violates Fiverr’s terms and conditions?

88% (----20 characters----)

No, but asking for a positive reviews does.


I guess it’s good enough :slight_smile:

When I was beginner yeah, I send these type of messages “Hi sir, if your like my work give me a feedback so I’ll improve my service” that message always give me 5 Star rating + excellent feedback but now I’m not sending these type of messages.

89%. I never ask for reviews.
You want to add a review, be my guest. You don’t want to add a review, it’s ok as well.
I don’t always remember to review the things I bought online so I understand :slight_smile:

It really depends on the amount of orders.

I once had a bigger project where I agreed with the buyer to split it into a couple of smaller custom orders, because I don’t do big orders on Fiverr. The left a 5 five star review after each order, until they gave me a 4-point-something review on one.
This was the moment where I immediately stopped working for them. Their project was annoying anyway and there is no place in my daily life for that kind of negativity, lol.