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What percentage of your orders is being rated by buyers?

This question is just out of curiosity.

For me, only 54% of my orders are rated. The category i’m working in is writing blog posts and articles.

I’m interested to see if this percentage is super random, has something to do with me as a seller, with my category etc.

Would be great if you can leave your rating and category behind (if you feel like sharing of course), maybe we can find some hidden relationship between these two factors.

Why? Eh. why not. I’m procrastinating writing a blog post for a buyer :slight_smile:

I’m at 84%. I offer articles/blog posts as well, in addition to short story writing, editing/proofreading, beta reading, and translation.

I’m fairly happy with the amount of buyers who have reviewed, even though I have some repeat buyers who don’t. If there’s a relationship between category and review ratio, I’d be interested in seeing it :slight_smile:

That’s excellent. Do you request a review and if so how do you word it?

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wow really good!
I have the same with repeat buyer who don’t (always) review.

Hm but indeed good question, do you ‘ask’ for reviews when handing in your work?

@misscrystal and @sjorscrusius I don’t, actually! I’m pretty paranoid about accidentally provoking a bad buyer into leaving a terrible review, so I don’t ask buyers anything.

I do write them a very extensive note upon delivery, though, explaining all the contents and offering help if they have any issues, concerns, or questions. I can’t say that that’s the contributing factor, but it might have helped somewhat.

Also, I’m still a very new seller compared to TRS like yourself, misscrystal, so perhaps I’ve just had a run of good luck :slight_smile:


I have a similar amount of buyers reviewing my work (maybe 50% or so). I think that repeat buyers sort of drop off on the rating scale. I’m going to have to ask them more explicitly to make sure that it improves a little (since they are obviously repeat buyers for a reason).

Mine is 96% but I only have completed 70 orders so I guess it’ll be lowered as time goes by. Hoping it will stay the same though :grin: