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What percentage post on the Forum


I wonder what percentage of fiverr members post on the forum? I don’t have the stats but it seems like the percentage of fiverr members who post on the forum is very small. Does anyone know for sure?


It has been stated to be a very small percentage of overall Fiverr sellers, although, I don’t think we have access to the exact percentage.


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It seem that way to me also.

I notice that when I send a ticket to CS one of their standard replies is to use the forum so it made me wonder why more don’t use it. Basically if it wasn’t for the same crowd posting, the forum would die.


That’s a good question. Perhaps many users don’t explore the site when they sign up, and, as a result, they don’t know that we actually have an active forum.

We do have a great core crowd here, though. There are some interesting people among us. :slight_smile:


I love Fiver Forum. Really enjoy the forum’s conversation. :white_flower::snowflake: