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What positive changes can make fiverr better?

Suggest some changes that can make fiverr better for Sellers & Buyers both.
You can discuss about :
-Fiverr PRO.
-New Features.
-Bugs now a days.


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O come on! What happened to you Woofy? Use your mind & answer yourself :wink:


Well, I just replied on your original post, which didn’t mention anything about Pro, new features and such - it sounded like you were asking for general suggestions that are already on the forum :stuck_out_tongue:

I see that now you’ve edited your post and made it more specific :wink:


Why? Are you seeing Fiverr PRO for the first time? :joy:

A simple example :
Toyota has a forum.
Topics on Toyota forum at 2015 are related to 2015 Toyota cars.
Topics on Toyota forum at 2016 are related to 2016 Toyota cars.
Therefore how would you say in 2k17 : Why are you posting it again n again? You can check the previous posts about Toyota cars.

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I don’t think you can compare Toyotas and Fiverr TBH.

A 2015 Toyota is always going to be a 2015 Toyota, a 2016 Toyota will always be a 2016 Toyota - they’re not going to change in the future.

When Fiverr introduces new features like PRO, they are discussed in a thread like ‘What do you think of the new PRO system’, rather than ‘Fiverr 2017 updates’.

That’s probably why it’s easier to discuss individual features and topics rather than ‘What could make Fiverr better’ which is just a bit too broad. :slight_smile:


Funny thread, the comments really

I can only wish Fiverr can change the new algorithm back to the old one if they still have it. But I know that isn’t possible. Fiverr will just just keep being Fiverr- Disrupt everything and make a belated announcement after the disruption.


LOTS of stuff.

1)Website is too buggy. Getting logged off for no particular reason (happens constantly), the graphs in analytics not displaying properly (If I choose the year graph it just loads forever and nothing happens), updating video thumbnails takes anywhere from 1 to 10 tries to get it to work, the gig creation process is a NIGHTMARE (why can’t I skip steps, for instance, setting the tiers first, instead of following the damn 6 step structure in order? Makes no sense!).

  1. Buyer requests. Multiple things wrong here. Sellers trying to sell stuff there constantly, and nothing happens to them. Having to put a value in when submitting an offer, even if the request has no budget and the buyer is expecting to discuss with the seller before agreeing on a price. I just put 5$ in to be able to send the offer, but it’s ridiculous specially when it’s obvious the price will be nowhere near 5$. Why can’t we just send an offer with no set value?

3)Lack of transparency. Who get’s picked to be a top seller and why? How do ranks work? Why isn’t that information publicly available?

4)Charging 20% for tips is just… wrong on so many levels. You already charge 20% (which is pretty much on the top end of acceptable) for all the orders, a tip is a bonus for excellent work and should never be taxed, much less at 20%.

5)Costumer service is pretty bad. I would expect a website like this to have, at least, instant chat with a representative. Not the case - you will contact fiverr and receive a reply in a week or two, if you’re LUCKY. There’s a good chance you won’t hear back from them at all. Incomprehensible.

I could go on, but this will do for now…


This has been discussed, and if Fiverr wouldn’t take a fee on tips, some sellers would start charging low prices like $5 and then ask the buyers to pay the rest $$ via tips so that the seller gets a bigger amount of money and Fiverr gets less from fees - so it won’t happen while humans will do anything to bypass common sense to draw as much benefits as possible by circumventing a system.

You do realize that CS is a relatively small team of people, and it’s impossible for them to deal with the tickets of millions of sellers, with more coming on the site each and every moment.

More so, if you’re not patient and start demanding in your ticket for a response, and keep asking why they don’t answer, CS will treat it as spam and they won’t respond to your ticket anymore :wink:


That’s a terrible excuse. I would never do that as a seller, because then the Buyer would get the work for cheap and simply not tip. Horrible, horrible idea. Are you really trusting the buyers to be honest that much? LOL


If they are a small team, they must be rolling in the gravy train, making 20% of everything. Hire more people.

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Tell that to the many sellers who would easily do that and who can barely wait to do that, the sellers who already scam buyers like crazy and who’ll do anything to bypass any limitations and such.


Don’t you understand how ridiculous that plan is?

1- Dear buyer, please make an order for 5$ (the price is actually 50, but you will pay the other 45$ with a tip!)
2 - Buyer agrees
3 - Buyer receives the product.
4- Buyer OBVIOUSLY does not tip 45$, because why would he? Nothing forcing him to do so!
5- I just sold 50$ for 5$.

You’re a genius, man.

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Newsflash: did you know that many sellers deliver empty and then ask the buyer to pay more or do something else to send them their delivery?

Please don’t insult me, I will not tolerate it. I hope this is not the way you talk to CS in tickets, because then I could probably understand why they respond slow (or at all) to tickets.

I understand your frustrations, but not behaving professionally and losing your temper isn’t the solution.


Don’t you know how often sellers fall for (or even suggest it themselves) “let’s connect outside of Fiverr, I’ll pay you directly, and you will earn more”?

If it looks like a possibility to get more money, no matter how risky it is, a LOT of people will go for it.

And then come to the forum to cry about being scammed, and how CS did nothing to help them.


You will not tolerate it? LOL Bad boy :stuck_out_tongue: I never had to talk with CS btw, I’m talking about other sellers experience.

Newsflash: did you know that if you do that as a seller the buyer has no reason to pay you anything at all? He’ll just report you and get his money back.

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Again, I’m aware of all of that, and it has NOTHING to do with Fiverr keeping 20% of tips.

Keeping 20% of tips does not minimize scammers, does nothing about stopping people from taking business outside fiverr, etc.

At least they should be honest about it: they are taking 20% of tips because they CAN, not for any security reason. At all. I don’t like having sand thrown in my eyes.

Oh, and if a seller proposes to connect outside of Fivver for business, it’s an instant ban. So I don’t see the problem, really.

Well, there are many marketplaces/platforms out there, so when you’ve joined Fiverr you acknowledged that you agree with THEIR terms and fees, which are listed on their TOS.

If you agreed to their terms, why do you come later and start saying you don’t like their terms?

They don’t keep you here by force.


and what if the ones who are doing great with the new algorithm, suffer with the old one. Someone has to be on 3rd or 4th page in your place if the old one places your gig at better front position. You think if the Algorithm ( Old in your case ) favors YOUR gigs, that’s absolutely justified (then Fiverr is a great site). Think about it.