What problem have you ever reported to fiverr support dot com so far?


Sometime something make you frustated such as problem with your account, withdraw, pending review, rating, bad feedback, fail to deliver work etc. Would you share with us your experience ?


There was a strange time when all my gig links lead to another Fiverr account that had just been created. I thought I (or they) were hacked and let them know. Their follow up was lightning fast and thorough and I wasn’t even Level One yet. That’s the only thing I reported so far, but I’m sure I’ll do it again some day. :wink:


So do you have 2 accounts on fiverr ?


I had to email support because a guy had ordered one of my blog gigs asking for me to leave a false review on websites. The thing was , was that he was an estate agent responsible for buying and selling houses worth hundreds of thousands of pounds/dollars…we all know how parasitical some of these estate agents can be, but I just couldn’t leave a false review when this guy has the power to literally strip people and families of their life savings.

I almost did the order before thinking ‘what am i doing’.

Fiverr support gave me a great fast response and im happy im not dealing with robots here unlike many websites such as ‘face*ook’