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What problem in my gig?

kindly check my link and tell me what is the problem in my gig?
why i did not received any order till now?

Over 3000 sellers sell this, plus your design isn’t very professional.


Aside from what @humanissocial said, I’d also like to point this out:
“i am M.Phil in Management. and i am professionally trained in making PPT slides.”

Just the “i” itself is enough to make people not buy your gig.
Gig/profile descriptions are VERY important.


Make sure that you have the right skill to deliver a quality output where atleast 8 out of 10 people can appreciate.

thanks for giving me advice and also thanks for pointing out my mistake in my gig

thank you mam for giving me advice

Hello, i am a new user. i didn’t received any order till now. kindly check my profile what is the problem in my gig? and how’s buyer request on?