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What problem in my profile

somebody, please tell me whats problem in my profile. Why drop my order?

I browsed your Gigs quickly, and they don’t look bad. I feel what may be counting against you are a couple of your reviews. One buyer says it was difficult to communicate with you. Another calls you “a liar and cheat”.

I’m sure those two reviews are deterring buyers from ordering from you – at least to some extent.

You might need to restructure your profile description. Instead of
“I am an SEO and Digital marketing expert. I’ve worked successfully for 3 years. I’ve accepted online work as hobby and profession. My main resource is efficiency and honesty. I have a highly skilled team. We provide highly satisfying services to our clients and make sure they are fully satisfied by k” you could say

" Hello, I am an SEO and Digital marketing expert with over 3 years experience. I’m a full time freelance marketing expert hence my ability to efficiently solve your SEO or digital marketing challenges.
Together with my team of seasoned professionals, we ensure the best possible outputs for all our clients …

My opinion though :slight_smile:

yes, I know .
Actually they were panic buyer .

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Many many thanks for your advice.

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You’re welcome.

Perhaps you could temporarily offer lots more than you currently do in order to try and earn a few new reviews to bury those old ones. They won’t disappear, but they could become less visible.

Just a thought.

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