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What purpose expiration day?

hello everyone ,
I want to ask about the meaning of " day expiration " in detail gig , when we submit a bid.
Maybe you can help me? Thanks before.

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Expiration day is important in case you will be away from your computer for a while, on vacation, or anything else that could happen in the future. If you submit a custom offer of any kind, you want to set an expiration date within a time frame that you know you can manage.

If I know I’ll be taking the weekend off and my delivery time is one day, I will make sure my offer expires Thursday night. That way if the buyer accepts my offer with 24 hour delivery and they do at the last minute on Thursday night, I have 24 hours to get it done on time by Friday night. If I don’t do that and they order on Saturday, I might come back on Monday and find I’ve gone late.

Even if you don’t have plans to be away anytime soon, I would set your expiration date to something reasonable since you can’t predict emergencies. I almost always have my offers expire within a week. That covers most possibilities for me including the option to change my prices later. Does that help?

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Whether Expiry date started running after the buyer receives or pay offer from the seller . for example, assign expiration seller for 20 days , meaning whether to maturity expire 20 days ahead?

Short answer.

Expiry date is there to prevent buyer to accept custom offer later.

For example. You send custom offer to someone, and he just go off from Fiverr for a while. And he comes back after month or 2. He accepts the offer, but you are on vacation and your all gigs are off. And yet buyer ordered a gig. And because you are on vacation and not on Fiverr, order will go late and you will get negative review as failed to deliver on time.

And like fonthaunt said. One week is best for expiring date. Or even you can set date till weekend if you will go off on weekends.

it mean at time the offer will removed

thanks for the explanation is very helpful

Thank you so much.

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