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What rating should be for Great Job, Prompt Service feedback

I made one sale only and the feedback from customer says Great Job, Prompt service. What should be the rating for that. It is 87% and I am not able to make new offers and it reads “You must have at least 95% positive rating to make new offer”. Any comment!

I’m going to guess that the ‘new’ rating system means you have to have a full 5 star “outstanding experience” feedback.

Reply to @itsyourthing: Kind of sad when on most review sites, 4 out of 5 stars is still really good. 5 starts varies, some sites see that as so “above and beyond” that it’s crazy and others just see it as a norm for good service. Even 3 stars is mediocre but not really bad.

On Fiverr it seems, if you can’t maintain 100% that is somewhat looked down upon, and especially if you don’t have many orders yet you can lose levels, extras, and ability to make offers just because you have a bad experience or two. Truly makes no sense to me, and when I explain it to my buyers they are always super-surprised that 4 stars isn’t considering a really good rating.

If I were you I would contact Fiverr to see what they say. At least you will get a clear explanation as to why it is that percentage, or you never know, it might be a glitch in their system in which case they can correct it.

fonthaunt said: Kind of sad

Just about everything on Fiverr is sad, confusing and sad, intentionally difficult and sad... well, you get the point.

@cloudbound, I don't think it's a glitch, I think it's just 'Fiverr math'. Fiverr's goal is to pressure sellers into doing whatever they possibly can to keep a 100% rating - no matter what. It drives more sales (guaranteed commissions for them). Contacting Support is an option, but it's usually far more time consuming (if you ever hear back from them at all) and there is rarely any seller-benefit.

Best of luck all, and remember, it's only Fiverr - keep smiling!