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What requirements i need to get fiverr pro seller?

I want to be fiverr pro to my profile. So, how can i get to pro seller on fiverr? Just suggest me what can i do.
Thank you guys.

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You apply for it, and then wait until Fiverr either accepts or denies your application.

(NOTE: Yes, I just realized that this is in response to a 25-day-old request).


Can your discribe,where i need to apply?

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Sellers need to be extremely professional with a track record of excellent experience that is verifiable. They need to be real, previously established professionals. They will be carefully verified about their professional history. If you do not have these qualifications you are wasting your time applying.

And do not waste your time trying to fake it. This isn’t something you can get your friends and family to help with. Fiverr isn’t stupid.


Here you go:


Thank you for your valuable reply.

Thanks for all of your support