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What’s better, please provide some experience based opinions

Hey, so there’s something that’s been going through my mind a lot recently and I need a little bit of advice. In the upcoming weeks I want to create a few more gigs in different categories, like; video editing, audio editing, some other illustration gigs and a few writing gigs. But from what I saw with the more popular sellers is that they seem to stick to one niche market. Is that a matter of choice or that is simply the skill they prefer to sell? I guess my question is what’s wiser, putting several different types of gigs that encompass a wider market area, or, stick to a specific niche and branch out from there?

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Gigs in several categories are fine, as long as you’re really good in all of them.

On the other hand, if, for example, your writing gig is full of spelling and grammar mistakes and terribly written, buyers might think that you’re equally bad in everything you offer.


That makes sense. However I was thinking people might find it a bit random. I guess ultimately it comes down to the service you provide. Did you start with several gigs or just your writing gig intially?

I only offer writing/translation services, and it’s been writing gigs from the start (with translation added later). I couldn’t offer work in any other category, because I couldn’t do any of it.

Some people might, others won’t care, especially if you offer great services.

I started here on Fiverr about 8 years ago. I ran a very successful book trailer gig, and I also had an editing gig and an animated logo creation gig. I think I had one other, but I don’t remember what it was.

I had all of these gigs going at the same time once I reached level 2. I received good business and ratings on all of them because I am skilled in all those things.

So I would say that if you have a good skill set, go for it. The things you suggested that you’d like to do go well together. A creative person could have a project going that might require all of those services, so you could potentially be looking at some package sales.

Just my personal opinion and experience, but I think that if those are skills you have, then those are the skills you should put out there. :slight_smile:

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There are limits. I doubt if I created a gig called "I will dance in my polka-dot mankini holding your happy birthday message" it would go down well with my writing clients. However, I do offer video work alongside writing work. I have also offered ebook formating and Hungarian to English translation in the past.

It works well for me. However, everything I offer does all under the umbrella of content creation, marketing, and SEO.


I’ve seen some sellers with gigs in various categories and they do very well. Go ahead with that, it sounds like a good idea. There is no reason to limit the types of gigs you offer. As others have said it’s mostly a matter of doing what you are good at and some people are good at lots of things.



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Thank you all for the advice, it was very much appreciated. I will plan them out and restructure my profile and gigs to look like a package, whilst offering a few different services.

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