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What’s going on with currencies?

What’s happening with currencies?

I click withdraw and I get a message in Spanish.

I click the confirm email and fiverr tells me it’s sent money to PayPal in USD.

PayPal tells me it’s received it in GBP.

I haven’t changed any settings anywhere nor asked to receive payment other than USD.

Anyone else experiencing this weirdness.

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That’s weird. I withdrew 4 times this month and this didn’t happen to me. I got confirmation message in English. In email, amount was mentioned in USD and paypal received the amount in USD.

I’d suggest you to get in touch with CS.


Yes, I received funds in CAD even though I ask for USD, as my account is in USD. But last week I wasn’t paying attention.

On top of that, for fun, later in the week I decided to see how much money I would get if I just got it in CAD and how much I’d get if I received in USD then put it into my bank account as CAD.

Well, I would have lost $15! So, we lose if we have the currency converted from USD to our own. I guess I lost out on $15 last week as I wasn’t paying attention.

This must be another way that Fiverr makes money.

My advice is to receive payments in USD, then convert into your bank account from there. Be sure to pay attention when you withdraw funds!


I had the same experience a couple of months ago. I always withdrew my money in USD. I clicked on Euro from curiosity just to check what the rate is, I didn’t like the rate so I switched back to USD. I made sure to not get anything wrong as my bank account is in USD, so I switched back to USD 100% but when I send the money I received them in EURO even tho it showed USD. My bank account is in USD so the currency changed twice and I lost something around 250$ from the awful exchange rates from this mistake which was absolutely on the system. Contacted CS and I told them what happened, I even told them to look into it as others will get burned by this and I volunteered to try it again with a video of my screen just to show them what the system did (I was that confident in proving my point) but they told me “Don’t do it” and “We’re not able to help you”. This is a big problem and it should definitely be fixed!