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What’s it like to have heaps of orders?

I’m asking this question for the higher level sellers and pro sellers. Is it a full time job for you? How much do you get paid?


Fiverr isn’t my only job, but I do make decent money on the platform, and I’d say I clock in enough hours for full time most weeks. I’ve been raised it’s rude to talk about money (not going to throw out any exact amounts, plus it varies so widely), but with my Fiverr money, I pay my car note, give tithes (around 35-40%), pay for gas and groceries, and buy miscellaneous things.

Responding to your title, having “heaps of orders” is stressful and draining for me. I enjoy my work, but I once had 12 orders in queue, and that wasn’t the best for me since a lot of them were tiny ones that were harder to fit into my writing schedule and make time for. I’d much prefer 3 $1k orders than 12 $1k orders. It’s much calmer and easier to manage.


Thanks, your reply was very informative.

It depends on your situation. I teach full time. It’s an incredibly hard balance to do that and this. I don’t like giving numbers, but I would view this as one income stream and look at others. In the US with cost of health care and living, hard to see this as full time. Other countries maybe


The thing about fiverr is the sky is the limit on your income. It’s all up to you how much you earn, not a boss or employer.

I wouldn’t have any time for any other job than fiverr.

I agree that the cost of living in the US is at a ridiculous level now.
People need at least $50,000 a year just to scrape by.

It doesn’t matter how great the economy is. What matters is people’s standard of living and how much they need to earn to live on and it’s at unacceptable levels for housing food and other basic necessities.

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Having “heaps of orders” is horrible.

My personal record is 44 orders in queue, and it was a nightmare that lead to one of my first burn outs.

Fiverr is a full-time job for me and accounts for over 70% of my annual income.

I’d prefer not to disclose how much I earn, but it’s enough to make me focus on Fiverr first before all my other ventures.


For me it is full time job, but I am not living in country with high cost of living such as USA or Scandinavian countries ( but still cost of my living are above average globally) But I am well diversified ( outside of fiverr: private lessons, capital gains, p2p lending, consultancy ). Thanks to freelancing I can work less and have higher salary per hour and freedom - no wasting time in traffic jams or getting up early ( before 12 am hehehe). With “heaps of orders” - as have been mentioned it is stressful and draining for me too. There is lots of communication with clients and potential clients going on and this make lots of distraction and disturbance - which slows down working on gigs - but this has form of poisson clumping and it alternates with very quite days (which I am using to extend my knowledge, which helps decrease time needed for me to deliver next times).


That’s a good way of describing it.


It’s not a full time job for me personally, even though I make more than enough on fiverr to get by and save. I still work a full time job which I enjoy. My fiverr gigs are extra income, but I wouldn’t say it gets me out of bed as my full time job does.


I’m a full-time freelancer, but Fiverr is not my only source of income. Scheduling conflicts happen sometimes. It’s hard to manage order numbers and workloads when people can order whenever. I could support my family off my Fiverr income alone, but I’m glad I don’t have to.