What’s the 20% OFF


Peace & blessings. Not sure if I’m posting this in the right place, but what’s the 20% OFF your first order code? I didn’t save it when it popped up on my screen. :disappointed: Please help!


I also have this problem, if you get any info. please share with me


I finally found it. It’s DoMore20. Enjoy the discount!


yes, but whats this?


It’s the discount code for 20% OFF your first gig purchase.


i can’t understand its meaning.


i have notification , but now further what i have to do?


what you have do? please guide ,me


You can only use it on your first gig purchase. If you have never purchased a gig, when you’re ready just proceed to the checkout. You’ll be asked for a promo code (just keep your eyes peeled for it because its usually in a small print). Then enter the code and 20% will be taken off of your order by Fiverr. Good luck!


Thank you so much for helping me


You’re absolutely welcome. Good luck with your gig order!


You can also find it in your e-mail adress.