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What’s the point of Automated Completion?

Straight to point: (Related to Graphic Design) Most of the time, when an order completes by itself and then the buyer comes and they ask for more revisions or asks to cancel the order because they didn’t get what they were expecting!

So what should I do at this point? What I want to do is tell the customer that the order is already marked as completed and if you want more revisions, it will cost you xx more. But I cannot, they will ask for refund or leave a bad rating. I am sure everyone faced this same situation.


I can give them multiple revisions (average: 3-4) to complete the design.

Any options?

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Offer zero revisions on all but your most pricey packages, Then it doesn’t matter when people come harassing you for revisions.


You should do what you said here, which is tell them it will cost more for the revisions. You simply cannot live in fear of your clients and what they might do. This is YOUR business and YOU say what happens.

Please as cyaxrex said do not offer revisions in your gig descriptions. Or possibly one only.

You also should refuse to cancel, politely but firmly.

When I deliver my work with the deliver button, as opposed to showing my work in progress, I always tell them: “P.S. Fiverr will mark this order as complete in 3 days.”

This makes revision requests after that timeline very unlikely.

My advice to you is make one or two revisions, but no more. If they give you bad rating, so be it.

Recently I had a very difficult buyer, after two revisions, he told me this:

“Thanks for your response. I wish I could leave your service 5-stars, but I hope you can appreciate, that the quality received, given the detailed description of what we requested simply wasn’t there. I’ll leaving a candid review of my experience, just so you’re aware. Thanks.”

I told him “I understand.” Then he gave me 1-star. Amazingly, my ratings in analytics didn’t go down! This is the first time a 1-star doesn’t kill my overall ratings.


Fiverr wants sellers to allow a revision if the buyer hasn’t used up all their free revisions even when the order is complete, especially if it’s within a certain number of days of order completion (it was said on the forum - 10 days maybe?).

I think having some free revisions on that gig will help with ratings and maybe have less people asking to cancel if what was delivered wasn’t what was wanted.

Doesn’t it now omit the lowest rating (or is that just at evaluation time not also in the stats screen)?

That’s a plausible explanation. It’s the first 1 star I get in a long time. Lately, I’ve been getting 5 constantly.

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It seems to be omitted as soon as you get the low review.


That’s a great feature, it gives sellers a chance instead of pushing them towards demotions like in the past.

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Yes, and it accepts the fact that a low review will happen to anyone now and then no matter how perfect you are.

Now if only they would do the same for cancellations.

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You are making problems when you have none. I see one good 5 star review for you.

Its a true story of a fiver seller. similar to this subject.

I successfully achieved 2 time five stars on my both gigs, I am very happy with fiverr support. But when I see some cases like this, I realized that it can be happen with any one without doing a mistake. But I like the method of @fastcopywriter that how he deliver his orders. In fact it is really the best way.

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