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What\'s the point of buyer\'s requests anymore?

I’ve been getting a little annoyed trying to filter through buyers requests lately–80% of them are sellers advertising their products! I know that someone reads these requests and approves or rejects them, so it’s kind of annoying seeing so many of these crappy requests out there. Even with the sorting feature–it would be so much better if these were curated.

…how do you know a human reads them? I sort of assumed they were being approved in batches, not individually examine.

I agree that the spam is annoying. I was thinking maybe some sort of flag could be implemented, so that we could all help by marking the bogus ones.

Are you using the new “remove request” thing? I’m using it pretty aggressively, to at least hide the bogus ones, and it does help me to cut down the visual clutter.

The button is useful for hiding those particular requests but does it also report them to support?

I’m sure Fiverr knows of this issue. It’s tough to keep check of thousands of daily buyer requests. It’s still useful, just have patience filtering through them.

As far as I know, it only filters them out of my view.

Is there any way to search more than one type of requests? Of the 7 in my section today, only 1 was an actual request, the rest were ads. I also write, although I don’t advertise it on here, and I’d like to look through requests for blog posts and such.

Not sure how it is in other categories, but thankfully the writing jobs seem to be mostly 30-70 in favor of actual people needing actual writing done. So thank god for that.

Still. I think there should be some sort of flagging system in place. Too many flags from sellers tagging your request that’s actually an ad for your services, and you punished.

Maybe make an alternate advertising forum where new sellers can go out, and advertise themselves. Maybe some sellers have extra time over the weekend, or some sellers want to cut prices for a little while. Something.

Alls I know is there needs to be a separation of the two because it is annoying to see people abusing the buyer system.