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What`s wrong with my gig, any suggestion please?

Hello, Everyone,
Hope you are all doing good. My problem is that my gig doesn`t get views, clicks even impressions. Could you suggest me some ways to improve my Gig, Please
Gig link)
I will be very grateful to you.
Thank you


Hi. You should start promoting your Gigs on Facebook, Twitter, Insta and on Linkedin as well moreover you should start sending buyer requests daily a minimum of 5 per day and try make your Gigs professional and optimize them accordingly.

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your post has some grammar issues. make sure there are none in your gig

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Ohh, You are right. :slightly_smiling_face:
I have edited. Could you check this time?
Thank You

I am unable to view it. Idk whats wrong

go to social media platform and promote your gig.

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Your link just goes to the Fiverr home page.

You need to fix this and check that it works.

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