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What’s your favorite sport?

Hi! Just starting up some conversation! What’s your favorite sport?


Football is my favorite sports.

(American) football for watching, I don’t play any sports though.

Football and Cricket.

Cricket is my favorite. Most of the american’s dont know about this i think.

Badminton is my favorite in playing and cricket for watching.

I don’t really like game sports, but I like everything that involve outdoor and nature, so hiking, trail running, fishing and horseback riding (trail and dressage).

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I love play netball and British football ( soccer)

Badminton is my fav:)
:badminton: :badminton: :badminton:

Cricket is my favourite sports? And yours?

I am watching European Football and Cricket also. Thanks


Finally a good question…lol

I’m like most everyone else here on the Forum…I like Football.

Where I live in Western Canada I’ve been able to attend several CFL (BC Lions) and NFL (Seattle Seahawks) home games.

I haven’t been to any in many years, but still follow the game online.

Cricket is my favourite game

Basketball :basketball:

I love to play Badminton. It’s my favorite sport. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

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