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What services is the best traffic service in fiverr for fiverr sellers


am new to fiverr about 3weeks now bout my problem is how to poll traffic to my gig.Also I dont no the services to buy on fiverr to advertise my gig so that i can make sell please can someone help me out so that i will no the service to be using on fiverr to promote my gig.


You need to share you use good tags and promote your gigs using social media website and forums :slight_smile:


Osman shahbaz


ok I no that but what I need is services in fiverr that I will use to promote my fiverr link like seo traffic which of this service is good to use to promote my fiverr link


Don’t make it too complicated. You need to look at services that are provided on Fiverr that are selling and that will inspire you in deciding what gigs to offer.

Are there other gigs providing Wordpress Responsive Themes? I haven’t looked. That could give you insight in the demand for that service. I have 3 wordpress sites, but I am not sure what you mean by Responsive Sight? So I am not even sure if I need that. Think of what a person that needs help with a website would be looking for. Keep it simple. One problem, One Solution. To me, Wordpress is very complicated for a $5.00 gig and then you have the issues of letting a stranger on your server. I know you can setup a secure test server, but can people pull that off.

If you pick gigs that already have demand on Fiverr you should be fine.

But if I am trying to sell Potato Salad on Fiverr, I will not have good luck. People are not looking for Potato Salad on Fiverr. It doesn’t matter how good my description, title or keywords are. I can even offer twice the amount of Potato Salad and run a special. I really make a good potato salad and I work really hard on it. But, it doesn’t matter if there is not traffic looking for it. SEO type marketing doesn’t produce demand. It only better lines the demand with you.

Good Luck!


landongrace thank you for the advise so what service can sell very fast on fiverr.


Reply to @salvadorsw:

Any service can sell well on Fiverr… if it is well presented, promoted, it follows Fiverr’s rules, and buyers are looking for it.

If you sell paper airplanes, you’re probably not going to get any buyers. If you sell editing services you might – if you can present a better service than your many competitors.

There is not easy way to make an income on Fiverr. Those who come here to the site hoping to get rich quick, usually leave empty-handed. Find a service you can provide on a professional level, and pursue is as if it were your job. The better you are at your Fiverr job/service, the better your chances of success will be.