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What should be done in this case

I have one order from a customer for a business card. He looked onto my gig sample containing a cardholder actual photograph and ordered a gig. As usual, I designed the card for the client and submitted my work.

Now is he is asking me to process me the refund as the artwork supplied is not same as the sample picture, I told him that its a cardholder photograph with design over it and this cannot be recreated on the computer unless printing the supplied design on a similar kind of card.

I dont want to refund the order as I have already spent my time designing it, also canceling order affects my ranking. So I am not sure what should be done. Any Suggestions?


There’s no reason for cancellation. Contact CS.

Thanks for quick suggestion.

I’m curious, did you try submitting a 3D mockup to him using the same template but with the design you have created?

Maybe he wants to see how the design looks when printed, and if you are offering him a 3D mockup in your gig, then you are obliged to do it.


Try sending the #d mock up, may be he is after the same.

Being picky, which it seems your buyer’s being - your gig title is:
I Will Make Modern And Professional Business Cards

Not design, but make

and yes, your gig image shows the business card in a 3D mockup, so I would probably be disappointed if i didn’t get that.

Maybe need to be more specific with your title, images, description etc. then there’s no space for argument or misunderstanding?


Do you have something similar to that? Many buyers orders because they loved your portfolio samples, gig images, etc. Some expect to get what they saw.

Try recreating your portfolio samples with a public domain image you can use again and again.