What should be the price range for my 1st gig where I am skilled enough?


Sorry for creating new topic where a lot of topic available on forum board almost similar to my topic.

Here my straight and clean ques please ans from your/s best experienced.

Q.1: What should the price range for my first gig when I am enough experienced in my professional career but new in Fiverr ?

Q.2: I opened account on Fiver 8 month ago but do not create any gig yet, is it make a different (negative impact) if I create gig now ?

Q.3: From my real offline professional experience I achieved skilled in different category like design, finance, excel and business. Is it looking normal in gig different section ? (i.e: in design section and excel)

N.B: I am new in Fiverr and also new in online based Freelance community.

Hope one day I will be a member of fiverr family.
Thanks in Advanced.
Kabir Humayun.


You have to search your category on search box, and you will see there are a lot of gig and their price and the services they are offering.


Q1 : totally depend on yourself my friend, how will you compensate yourself to do your service. But for reference you can try to find similar service but once again, don’t bother too much to follow what price that was on market.
Don’t sell too low if you have a very high quality service

Q2 : not sure about this, but I think it doesn’t make any impact

Q3 : it’s normal, you can get more sales as you are talented in more than 1 category of business.

Welcome to fiverr and enjoy the great time to work in this biggest marketplace :slight_smile:


see your competitors gig and then make your own. thanks


If I create first gig with moderate pricing (i.e: 25$ for business card in basic plan or 200$ for brand identity logo ) is it possible to reach the buyer mind ? Is it normal?


Thank a lot for your reply.
But I am too much confused. In my real offline profession I dont do any business card design below 50$ where a lot of gigs are available in @5-10$ at fiverr homepage.

Is it possible to reach buyers mind with moderate pricing (i.e: 50$ For basic business card design or 200$ brand identity logo) when I have no previous gigs, no reviews, no orders.