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What should be the rates for wordpress developer


I am new to fiverr and I don’t know the price range . What should be the price range of wordpress website to sell the gig best


For full website creation, the starting range starts from $300.Check out other gigs! @arslankhan194


People don’t determine your worth, you decide that yourself.
The confidence you have in delivering a perfect job will push you into which price to decide.

prices varies


Cost = time * hourly rate + licenses
Hourly rate should be calculated based on your skill level, experience etc.

However, your current gig description doesn’t look trustworthy.
You spent $259 on Divi lifetime license and you’re now making websites for $5 with that? When are you expecting to break even?

You’re also saying that you can provide any theme as part of your $5 gig. Let’s say I take Avada which doesn’t have a developer license. You’ll be losing over $50 every time someone orders it. This means either you’re really bad at math or you’re selling stolen themes.Either way, a smart buyer would not order it.



Thanks for your opinion. I will take care of it


HONESTYLY!!!.. the rate of web developer is hourly…
for 300 dollar website is just 1 page html. “HOME”

if you are developing a website the entire website is 2000 dollar - 5k dollar.