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What should be written when sending an offer


Hello everyone,

I am trying hard to get my first order but still not able to :frowning: Can some one tell me what should i write when sending offer to a buyer request to make it more convincing.



  1. Write a concise and to the point offer
  2. Respond to any queries the buyer referred to in the post.
  3. Clearly, mention what the buyer will be getting as a final product
  4. Show your portfolio if possible
  5. Do ask questions if you have any related to the job
  6. Set a reasonable price and delivery time


  1. Don’t use Sir/Madam. Use their names instead if possible.
  2. Never ever use a template offer
  3. Don’t explain all your work history and xx years of experience
  4. Avoid overpromising.
  5. Don’t share direct contact details

I hope, other forum members would also would like to add something here.


Its very nice to see yours do and donts
I like it
And will also try to follow these


These are really useful points. Thanks alot. I will definitely keep them in mind when writing the offer.


Helpful points for all.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge :smile:


Thank you for the appreciation and good luck!


Wish you all the best!


You are welcome… :slight_smile:


thank you @muhammadfaheem0


Very helpful!
Thanks for sharing


My pleasure… :slight_smile:


My pleasure… :slight_smile: