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What should I add as my gig extras?

Hi. I recently got promoted to Level one and I am not sure what I can place for my gig extras. My original gig is for essay writing and it is $5 for 1500 words. Can someone please tell me if I should reduce the amount of words and then add extras for additional words?

I am not sure what I should do.

Thank you.


Yes, yes, yes absolutely reduce your word count! 1500 words is so much for the measly $4 you are getting. You should add a gig extra for additional word count and another gig extra could be to research the topic.

@kjblynx and @alliemadison12 are definitely right. A typical op-ed column in a newspaper runs around 750 words. I think that’s even too much for just $4. Maybe check what other sellers with similar gigs are offering as their baseline gig and offer 100 words more than they are for now. Then, for your extras, offer more words in blocks of 250 words. I would also think a gig extra offering super fast delivery would be a plus.

Yes reduce your word count! The first thing I did when I reached Level 1 was cut my gig in half in terms of what I offered, I had a few regular customers though so I opted to let them keep the old rate but working at the new rate is much better for me and I can still stay competitive!