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What should I charge for wordpress development?

I am a newbie on Fiverr. I can develop all sorts of websites and blogs . I just wanna know what Should I charge for website development? Sarkari Result For all three of my gigs i have a simple,premium and ultra package! Simple package includes 5 pages Simple blog or website Wordpress setup 2 revisions

Premium package inludes: 6-8 pages Showbox Any plugin or theme installation Unlimited revisions Any sort of website or blog!

Ultra package: Basically anything that the client wants will be delivered in 10 days! With unlimited revisions!

Please help me out, Thanks!


You are welcome to the Fiverr Forum
best wishes :slightly_smiling_face:

You are welcome to the Fiverr Forum :heart_eyes::v:

You are welcome to fiverr. and you can choose at least 1 simple gig to promote yourself. best wises for you and your future in fiverr.

You should charge as per your time given to complete on website!

Also prices depend on how much your believe on your skills to make client happy with end product.

However, if you are new keep stable prices so people don’t think that this user being new has higher prices so why trust him. Also don’t keep so low prices that later on your will not be able to work happily because people are giving very less

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For me I charge 5 USD for each installation, ex: setup WordPress on your hosting 5 USD, setup WordPress theme cost 5 USD, configurate plugins 5 usd, setup Google analytics 5 USD

Charging unlimited revisions is a very. very dangerous game on Fiverr. There have been horror stories of buyers asking for over 60 revisions, for months and months. It’s much safer to cap the revisions to a high number like 20 or something, than to offer truly unlimited revisions, because unfortunately people WILL take advantage of it, and when they do, Fiverr WILL take their side because you promised the unlimited revisions.