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What should i do after cancelling an order?

recently i have cancelled an order and my gig impressions are reducing. at this time what should i do to increase the impressions again.
please help me with correct solution. i am really disappointed

The cancellation will stop affecting your gig after 60 days.


ops this is my only earning gig :pensive:

Can you please explain more ? :slight_smile: Thanks!

Always try as much as you can to avoid order cancellations…it affects account negatively.

Could you please explain it more details? thank you

What’s more to explain? Fiverr only takes into account cancellations you did in the past 60 days. So if you canceled an order on February 20th, it will still affect you for the next evaluation. But if you canceled it on February 10th, that won’t affect you.

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I’m not going to repeat what’s already been explained by Fiverr: All About Order Completion