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What should I do after scammer steals $50 and Fiverr does not respond?

After discussing a project with a seller through Fiverr’s contact feature I purchased 10 gigs as a deposit for a larger project. The seller then sent a text attachment with a message stating I must contact him via Skype. He then requested that I pay additional money directly to him outside of Fiverr and that if I did not pay him Outside of Fiverr he would not complete the project. I did not pay him outside of Fiverr and he marked all 10 gigs as complete but delivered nothing. Every time I requested used the resolution center to request my money back he declined my request and eventually the projects were automatically marked as complete. I then contacted Fiverr’s customer service about this several days ago but have received no response.

What should I do? Is there any way for me to get my $50 back from this scammer? Is there a better way to reach Fiverr so they can address this? Should I initiate a chargeback through PayPal’s buyer protection program?

First of all, do not start a Paypal chargeback or your account will be banned from Fiverr!!

You have to:

  1. go on rejecting the deliveries (the order must not be marked as complete)

  2. write Customer Support again reporting this seller for severe Fiverr ToS violation. Provide text file he sent you: his account will be probably banned.
    Ask them to manually cancel the order so you can have your moeny back to your Fiverr account

  3. Do not pay that seller outside Fiverr: if you do it, your account can be banned too!

Let us know how this story ends...

I wrote several tickets but fiverr support did not answer. In this case you MUST apply for Paypal Buyer Potection! There is no other possibility!

Customer Support has not responded to the ticket I placed several days ago. It is like a black hole. Is there a better way to contact them? Does anyone know an email address that they reply to or a forum I can post to that they read? If they would take the time to investigate, I am sure they would ban the seller from Fiver and refund my money because it is very clear that he delivered nothing and that he violated the terms of service by requesting me to do business with him directly. This type of scam must be stopped and I am sure that Customer Service would agree if they know about this however they do not seem to be listening to me.

Take it calmy. Respectfully contact fiverr and I am sure they will help you.

Best Of Luck,

:slight_smile: Joe

The Creative Guys

Today Fiverr responded to my complaint and refunded the money to my Fiverr balance. My confidence has been restored. If anyone finds themselves in a similar situation, be prepared to wait, however you can expect them to eventually respond.