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What should i do? complete the order or cancel

I got a wrong order today. When I told the buyer that you have made a wrong order, he said, how to cancel the order, Then I told him why you do not read Gig well before you order. Your one single order effect on my account profile. i work hard to maintain it. So he said, complete the order according to your gig I will give you a good review. i told him if i complete the order then will lose your money. and he reply to me No it’s ok, $5 is not worth losing over your hard work


That’s against the TOS, you are arranging a false order with a negotiated positive review, your account can get banned due to that. Now, the only option you have is to cancel it, or you will risk your account.


If you can do the task which you received wrongly, done it with your best effort.
Otherwise it is not a good sign.Although it is not according to your field.
It is really a great risk.

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@juanwriter @muddassirt
that day I contact with CS and order canceled by CS (buyer mistake) and my order completion rate still 100% and cancellation no affected on my completion rate.