What should I do? Fiverr's Rules



I got my first client, she paid, I delivered the job on due time but the client vanished. Did not get the result of my work, neither evaluate.
There are 5 days from the delivery. Am I being paid or not for my job? Where can I please read about the payment and these kind of situations of delivery, client relation, etc.? If the client is coming back and ask for revisions, what am I suppose to do? Accept or not aftee the Fiverr’s rules? Thank you.


Every order will be automatically marked as complete three days after you deliver it, UNLESS the buyer completes it sooner, or asks for modifications (which send the order back into active status).

You will be paid 14 days after the order completes.

The client cannot ask for revisions after the order is marked as complete.


Everything you need to know is here: