What should I do for a better experience?


I currently have a channel in Spanish (for promoting my gigs) and I would like to publish videos in English too because it is a language that I can also speak (making the same video, but with voices in English). But not to add subtitles to them because it takes too much time (which I also have too little time) and it takes me less time to do it again with English voices.

The thing is that I don’t know whether to post them on the same channel that is in Spanish and create a separate playlist for those that are in English or create a separate channel.
But I’m not talking about creating videos in Spanish on one side and videos in English on the other. I am referring to creating exactly the same content, but in both languages.

The disadvantage is that I don’t know if to post both videos at the same time in both languages (and to put in the description of them the link to the other one translated, to generate less confusion) or if to put them in another separate channel and start again.

It is worth mentioning that most of those who create videos focus only on one channel and there are isolated cases who have secondary channels and do well. In fact, video makers recommend creating secondary channels in very specific cases, for example, if I am targeting a very different niche.

The point is that it is the same video in different languages, the niche is the same, but with the difference that they speak another language.

Specifying also that having separate channels divides the traffic… but honestly, I don’t know how to organize it and I’m afraid that this practice could go against me. Obviously, I’m going to have more views, but maybe they’ll subscribe less, even though everything is translated and nothing is missing.

Looking for a lot of information on the Internet, I couldn’t find an answer that would convince me, because almost nobody does this practice. Some people say it’s better on one channel (uploading the same video in both languages all the time) and others say it’s better to have it separate, even if it’s exactly the same videos.

It’s very important to make content in English, one way or another because it expands your visits and followers a lot, and you can better expand your services or your ideas around the world.

What do you think?