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What should I do for fake buyers?

I’m making this note to solve my problem. Currently there are many sellers on Fiverr. But some sellers create fake buyer accounts and give negative feedback to other sellers. It is a hindrance for new Fiverr-related sellers. So If I will feel some buyer is a fake person, what should I do for him?
Thank you very much for your attention:)


If you’ve received an order and at some point started to suspect that this order was placed to screw with your stats, you can contact CS and ask them to cancel it. If you have proof, you can report the buyer while you’re at it.


Thanks for looking out for the integrity of Fiverr and for all of our wellbeing.

I’m curious: what leads you to believe this buyer may be fake?


**They request more fake revisions.
**After ordering, additional requirements are stated.
**They try to cancel the order saying the seller doesn’t have skills to complete his job.
**And you can check his buyer account and his reviews.(Manytimes, they don’t have reviews or positive reviews from sellers)
Thank you for your attention:)

Thank you for your reply!

Really. Then its a great problem because the new members (old also) like me may be trapped. They try to lose our time, skill , data, profession etc…it should be punished in all means.

Oh wow, all very sketchy stuff! Thanks.

You can report the buyer to CS and let them know your suspicions. They will not tell you what type of / or if they take action on the buyer… but I would report them anyways so fiverr has a record of your concerns.

Maybe if CS can see the buyer has a shifty purchase/ feedback pattern - it will be easier for them to feel justified - to take action.

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