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What should i do for negative review

i could not send offers to buyers request due to 1 negative review.
anyone help or guide me please .

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I do not think you can do any thing.
and that’s the scary thing as i am new seller too.
Wish you luck

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The only answer is to promote your gigs outside of Fiverr!


For the CV gig you could add at least one revision to the basic package. eg. if the buyer isn’t totally happy he may assume that because there are no revisions in the package he bought he can’t ask for a revision and so he’ll review based on that first delivery. Having at least 1 revision in the basic package (and reminding the buyer on delivery that they can ask for changes if they want to) would mean you could change it in a way that would make a future buyer happier about the delivery - and so maybe get a better review than you otherwise would.

Also, for the CV gig you could check the one page resume template image (the title in the section for “Professional History”).

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Promote your gig on social media and get more 5* rating.

You’ll be able to go up after some positive ratings.

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