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What should i do for portfolio?

lots of buyer want to see my portfolio

I have personal website with portfolio

can i send this website link to see my portfolio ?

because fiverr can’t allow personal contact ,

please suggest.

You could try getting permission from Fiverr to share your portfolio. They let people set up skype gigs after all!


The main thing to do is to eliminate the outside contact information from your outside portfolio. You can use your gig images to display a portfolio too which helps. If you want to do an outside portfolio, though, consider the link below for rules and if you use an outside portfolio remove any contact information that doesn’t direct the user back to

Fiverr Customer Support

Don’t you have many sample photos on each gig? it looks like you have plenty of images.

Reply to @luckygutsy: Yes, but they only let people exchange Skype information if the gig requires is and it is done AFTER the buyer pays for the gig. It is not to advertise, so it would be very different. I do not think you can use your own personal website on Fiverr for that reason that someone would just come contact you from your website instead of Fiverr. And then it would seem that you are just using Fiverr to advertise your own business and not use Fiverr.