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What should I do for the following message from fiverr?

"You should introduce yourself on camera and elaborate about the service you provide directly to your buyers. Your video is a sales tool that helps you build credibility and convince your buyer face-to-face that you are the one for the job. Keep your video to the point and not more than 1 minute long."

I created a video which was shorter than 1 minute, but it was denied immediately after re-uploading. On the other hand, can’t I just have an animation video for promotion of my Gigs rather than showing my face?

Thanks everyone for the replies. =P~

Yes…I got the same message and uploaded my video over and over! I finally wrote to Fiverr and told them I had done EVERYTHING they asked.

This issue was I didn’t have “exclusively on Fiverr”.

Why they don’t include that in their video recommendations if beyond me. But they need to be clear that it is a REQUIREMENT not a suggestion.

Oh…and showing your face is not a requirement :slight_smile:

I suggested to support that they have 2 bullet points: one for Requirements and one for Recommendations. That would save them TONS of reviewing time and make it much clearer for sellers.

Oh great! My 5 hours of video editing won’t go waste! :smiley:

But it must be mentioned about “Exclusively on Fiverr” thnig in the message.

Reply to @kjblynx:

No its like based on gig. I have SEO gig and I mentioned “Exclusiely on fiverr” in video, even though it got denied because I didnt show my face in the video.

akshdalal said: But it must be mentioned about "Exclusively on Fiverr" thnig in the message.

Yes. Either with a voice over or with text on screen.

From the past, you don’t need to have yourself in the video. However fiverr states that you will get 300% more sales.

I personally, never added any video to my gigs for more than 3 days.

However I am working on something now…

It must be a usful video, exclusive on, informative and presenting your gig correctly.

Best Of Luck,

:slight_smile: Joe

The Creative Guys

I had done EVERYTHING they asked and they still denied my video. why am i show my face to gig video when all others videos and sellers in fiverr they don’t.

Support never help or anwser to these questions.what am I have to do then???

I have already sent 100 messages about these and noone answer.

this is make me so angry with fiverr.i have lost too much time making videos and upload videos and then fiverr always denied them for no reason

amstaff7 said: I have already sent 100 messages about these and noone answer.
Well, there's your answer. If you keep submitting ticket after ticket to customer support without closing out the open ones, why should they answer you? You're completely clogging the entire tech department (which is small) and slowing everyone's open tickets. Stop!
amstaff7 said: fiverr always denied them for no reason
There is a reason, or maybe lots of reasons. Are you doing or saying something which breaks the Fiverr Terms of Service? Are you certain you aren't exceeding the file size limit? Are you using an accepted format?