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What Should I Do? Help Please!

So, one of my older clients comes back and wants more work. They make the order and send me a zip file containing the info for the order. They make the order and when I open the file to see the info it contained images that were unreadable.
Naturally, I contact them asking them to send higher quality images or text so that I can understand the information. It’s been 2 days and the delivery is due today. What do I do? I did manage to get one done (out of 5) since I was familiar with the product that was required. Should I just deliver that and ask them to send me higher quality images? Should I cancel since they haven’t been online in this time frame? Can I initiate a cancellation on the third of the delivery process so that the order isn’t marked as complete?


It’s kind urgent guys, so you know if anyone has an opinion now would be a great time to share it.

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Yes of course you should cancel! Do it now! You can’t possibly do work for anyone who does this.

go to the resolutions center and will be helpful

I have kinda already done one and I’m on pretty good terms with the buyer. Shouldn’t I just send the one I did and hope for them to contact me within 3 days otherwise initiate a cancellation on the second to prevent order completion?

I know about it but last I checked it doesn’t have an option to stop the timer because the buyer isn’t responding or does it?

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Cancel it and send a message to them telling them why you can’t accept orders without what you need to do the work and tell them to order again if they can do their part.

Tell them you did one of them and ask for payment for that with a custom order after you cancel it.


I think that you should create a text file and deliver this file and you should write this problem and after that, if buyer is there ,he give you next instruction

That’s the thing, they did send the product labels but the images were way too low quality 300 x something so I couldn’t read the specific details. I think I’ll deliver the one I did with a message to send info I can understand for the rest. Otherwise, I’ll just initiate a cancellation on the second day or tomorrow. That sound OK?

It’s tempting, but I wouldn’t suggest doing that. If they come back and see you delivered the order incomplete/if word somehow gets to Fiverr Support, you will receive an account warning. It would be against the Terms of Service because an order should not be “delivered” until all the work is complete.

Go ahead and initiate a cancellation, that should get their attention. If they still want the work done, they’ll log in and address the issue.

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Go to resolution page!

Select buyer didn’t sent provided full requirements!

And then select ask to extend delivery time!

And in message write a note to the buyer to accept the extension and submit files

You cancel it any time you want
hope that makes sense

After all the feedback I decided to initiate a cancellation. It says It’ll be automatically cancelled in two days. Hopefully, the buyer will get back to me before that happens.

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yes! if he comes online he will for sure revert to your queries :slight_smile:
don’t worry brother!

Wish you all success here