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What should I do ? I never had to verify ID ? Is that even necessary?

Also My Id proof has a picture of me without a beard and currently I have a long beard, what will I do if I have to verify my ID ? I am not going to shave my face, it took me 6 months to get a beard also I never got the notification either, I made my account way back in 2015 and then what about my username ? with that have to be changed as well ? I have never been this confused. :grimacing: :grimacing:

You have a beard? Then why do you have a girl in your avatar? I guess we are all confused


That’s one of my best water color painting, I really love it.

So use it as a sample in your portfolio. Or gig image. The avatar is a place where you need to put a photo from you (fiverr recommends). Some people are using it to put their logos. Or put a drawn version of yourself. But dont put anything that reminds us of someone else.

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Thank you for the tip :slight_smile: and what do you think about the verification stuff ?

What did you receive for ID verficiation? A message from customer support? I dont remeber if they ever verified my ID?

Maybe your avatar is suspicious? :slight_smile:

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I verified my phone back in 2015, after that there was nothing, and if my id was suspicious they would mail me first, they are expert at that haha

If they ask you to verify your ID, you’ll have to verify your ID, or you won’t be able to keep selling.

If they haven’t asked you yet, there’s no need to panic. You’ll cross that bridge when you get to it.