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What should I do if buyer ask for more time and complete the order status?

Hi Fiverr

I have buy service from one seller. who couldn’t provide me the service on time. but she complete the order and send me message to wait for more time or cancel the order.

I want my service from her. I want to wait for more time. But I guess she play a trick.

I just want to know what is the cancellation charges for the order for me?

Should I click on “Request Revision”

How can I extend timing?

I guess if i don’t take action or “Accept & Review Order” . that order will be completed automatically and money will go to her account.

Please help to take right decision.

I am new to fiverr.


Yes click on “Request Revision” and ask her how much time she needs. DO NOT ACCEPT OR REVIEW THE ORDER.
If she doesn’t respond within 24 hours you’ll have the option to cancel.

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