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What should I do if client ask to cancel order right after they ordered?

Hello everyone,

Hope you guys doing great. Today someone purchased my gig & ask me to cancel the order because he says I order it by accident. If you guys don’t know this is like 3rd time within this month. I’m okay with those who cancel the order for real good reason except those who are jealous or intentionally doing it. Because they probably know the cancellation will affect seller profile & big side on sale ration as well.

If we take today cancellation order as example he actually submitted all necessary information & files while placing the order & he says I order accidentally which clearly shows his words are not legit. These things keep happening past 1 years. How could people says I was order accidentally since it’s not one single button process & you have to do so many things & steps while placing the order.

I have to be honest with you guys, I been trying so hard to maintain my high quality work & I always puts a big hard work on fiverr to give best results to all clients on here fiverr. Due to cancellation issue my sale ration gets affected. I’m okay with those who cancel the order for real reason except those who are jealous & intentionally doing it.

Honestly I’m disappointed with fiver team & fiverr system. Fiverr should definitely to do make some steps & makes updates on the cancellation system works because some people are getting mad of someone who successful seller on fiverr so they try to order & cancelling the order so that cancellation will affect & they will no longer good seller on fiverr. Also some people gives negative feedback even if you deliver a good job.

Even If I block their account they keep creating new fiverr account & doing the same thing again. Fiverr should implement this new system rule. Fiverr should block their credit card those who gets more reports about unnecessary cancellation reports from seller side.

I actually don’t know what to do with these types of buyer. I trust on you guys who ever read my entire message and by not ignoring. Any suggestion will helps.



This thing also happened with me that the buyer said that he accidentally purchased my gig & ask me to cancel the order and I agree with you that fiverr should block their credit card those who gets more reports about unnecessary cancellation reports from seller side.


why would someone, who does not even personally know you, try to threat your ratings?
On the other hand, why don’t you just report your issue to the CS instead of blocking those buyers repeatedly?


I’ve had this happen a couple of times. Frankly, I don’t believe for a second that anyone manages to actually order “by accident”. You actually have to submit the information required, tick the box that you understand the terms, and confirm your order. You don’t go through three different steps while actively accepting the terms “by accident”.

This might be sabotage, so I would report it to the customer support team. They might be able to help. This is a difficult situation because if you refuse to cancel the order, they might leave a negative review, or get in touch with customer support themselves. They have been known to support buyers rather than sellers in many cases, so there’s a risk that this will come back to kick you in the butt anyway.

With that said, I don’t think you should accept this sort of behavior - especially not from “repeat offenders”.

If you know this individual has done this to you before, you should clearly contact customer support and have them take a look at the situation.

This is something you might find useful: Customer support will cancel a delivered order if the buyer:

  • abuse the Request Revisions button and ask for different services than agreed upon requirements.
  • threatens to leave a bad rating to gain more services from the seller, not related to the agreed requirements.

With this in mind, you could simply refuse to cancel the order, stating something like this to the buyer:

Unfortunately I’m not able to cancel this order at this time due to the fact that you have already sent the required instructions and ticked the “I confirm that this information is accurate” box upon creating the order. I will deliver this order as initially requested, as per the terms of service of Fiverr. In order to avoid this type of situation in the future, please contact me before placing an order if you have any doubts.

As soon as you have refused the cancellation request, you should deliver the order according to the requirements, and do your best to ensure a high-quality delivery, matching the description of your gig.

Then, the buyer can do one of three things:

  1. Accept the delivery and move on, having learned a lesson, or
  2. Misuse of the revision button. A cancellation because a buyer misuses the revision button might not have the same type of consequences to your account - but I’m far from sure about this. Maybe someone else knows.
  3. The last thing they can do is to contact customer support. They seem to support the buyers rather than sellers most of the time, but if you have delivered what you specified in your gig and according to the instructions of the buyer, they might side with you on this one.

The worst thing that will happen is a cancellation anyway - so you could decide to make that process a bit more difficult considering the buyer is abusing the system.

And if the buyer starts threatening with negative reviews if you deny the cancellation, you got an even better chance to stand up to them with customer support, since that is unacceptable behavior.

Best of luck!


P.S. If the buyer ends up accepting the delivery, there’s always a chance they will leave a negative review. Keep that in mind.


I have contacted support team so many times & they keep saying cancelation statistics are handled automatically. So there will be no use.

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Thank you so much for writing me with much good information, I really appreciate that you spend time for that.

Actually it’s different account but same country. As you said I can’t able to deliver the order since he get chance to leave a negative feedback. Also on other hand I can’t able to cancel the order as well since it’s like 3rd time within this month & this will affect my profile as well as sale ration. I’m out of option, I just submitted a ticket & I’m already know there will be no use because they probably keep saying same thing again which is " cancellation statistics are handled automatically "

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Actually I have experienced the same scenario in the past.

Very valuable thought, my friend! Really appreciate your effort my friend. :hugs:

I’ll make my gigs more secure and at least we can stand for the right!

Thanks much

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