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What should i do if i buy gig and get nothing



I buy this gig and i get used coupon seller saying its fresh coupon what should i do?

Moderator Note: It is against the forum Do’s and Dont’s to call out other users by name. You may contact Customer Support for further assistance.


Contact Customer Support! They’re the ones who can solved your problem.


If the order was not marked as complete, you can click on request modification. Talk to the seller and tell them your concerns, they might be willing to cancel the order and give you a refund. In that case you don’t even need to contact support.


why is customer support so rubbish


i have a seller how is telling me i was kicked of fiverr
it sounds like he is trying to scam me.
he has given a load of excuses

  1. i have to go to church deal with it after…
  2. my grandpa is ill…
  3. i thought you cancelled the order…
    and a few more what should i do…
    thanks for any answers
    customer support is useless…
    this guy need to be named and shamed…