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What should I do, if seller left a good review but few stars?

Hi, Someone today left a good review with 4 stars.
I want to know if that effect my gig’s ?

From my 128 reviews, I never ever got less than 5 stars.
But today someone left a good review but with 4 stars.
I feel this will affect my gig, So I decided to Inbox him and asking the buyer politely to change the review.
But it seems he’s not online, I think not every seller open fiverr everyday, they only use it when they need someone to do their work.

Is there anything else which helps me to get the 5 stars?


Maybe the seller made a mistake, you can contact the seller back just tell him with joke that is like he made a mistake while given you review, that 4stars appeared instead of 5tares.

I’ll tell 'ya, the first time I got a review less than 5 stars, I was worried that my stats would plummet! But alas, all was well, and my overall score only dropped from 5.0 to 4.9. I’ve gotten a 3 star review once before, and my overall ranking is still at a 4.8. You can over deliver, deliver early, and give your clients the moon and stars, but you’ll still get folks that will leave less than 5 stars. Don’t sweat it, get back to churning out that 5 star work that you already know you’re capable of, and you’ll be just fine!

lol, Good idea.

It sometime happens because it rely on 4-5 parameters including Communication, Work Quality, Response etc. So, it may be due to you were not 100% on any of the parameter. It’s even done with me but no effects on reviews and orders (just be yourself don’t ask anything which hurt buyer). So don’t be panic and dependent on 1 buyer’s review, but there are more to come in future. Just forgot it and move on.

Some people just don’t feel like they got the 100% package, but just 99% (or whatever).
I’ve had some 4-Star ratings with glowing remarks, but never got an answer as to what I did or did not do.
Just word your questions that you want to know what you can do to get better. And that you need their help for this/constant improvement.

As per my experience I sent messages to my clients but they just ignore it. So as per my point of view it’s just waste of time.

Take it from me. I’ve had this problem happen 2x. When I saw the great review and the 4 stars I kindly asked the buyer what I did wrong so in the future I can improve myself…I said somethinglike “Hello again, I saw you weren’t satisfied with something because of the four stars, I am just curious what I did wrong so in the future I can not make the same mistake”. He then said how he didn’t mean to leave 4 stars and he wen’t back and changed it. But then I had another customer who like voicetex said, doesn’t like to give 100%. I used the same sentence on him and he said everything was wonderful ect…so that kinda confused me. But it will NOT effect your gig.

The buyer responded to my message and modify his review to 5 stars.
Thank you everyone for the suggestions. :slight_smile:

Hmmmm, this truly insightful. I (we) will keep this in mind as I (we) grow in my Fiverr career.

You’re one of the special seller among 0.10 sellers out of 100%. Good luck!