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What should I do, If the buyer gives me his phone number?

What should I do, If the buyer gives me his phone number? Can you tell me?


Tell him it’s not legal in fiverr. But if he does that again then report it to fiverr


Thanks brother, for your good information.


@rashed_wpexpert you are most welcome…:+1:

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good advaice…


Politely tell the buyer that, as per Fiverr’s Terms of Service, all the communication, information and materials exchange must go through Fiverr.

And if the buyer insists (or, even worse, tells you that some sellers have accepted to do it), report him/her.


Hmm ok. Thanks brother
for your good suggestion .

If he or she has already posted it in your box - I would immediately state that all communications that you have with customers, must be done via the fiverr platform. Most often from there, you don’t need to do anything else. It’s unlikely that they’ll pursue the issue.

As with any unwelcome communication - in the event they persist - you can block and report the user to CS…

Thank you brother…:heart::heart:

Many many thanks, Your suggestion is excilent. I’ll try to follow your suggestion.