What Should I Do new Account or Stay With This?


My Question is My Profile is 1 Year Old and I’m Not working properly but now i want to start work daily, is it good to good with same account and profile or deactivate this account and create new one , please suggest me and please tell me is there any problem or not if I’m deactivated this account and create new one.


There is no reason to close this account and start a new one. The only reason could be that you don’t like the username.
You have not had any order yet, at least you have no review.
If you don’t like your gig, just delete it and create a new one.

Once you are ready, start working properly in order to get positive reviews :wink:


Edit and create new gigs. No need to create new account
If you don’t like your username like mariokluser mentioned then it’s best to delete this one so you won’t get in trouble using 2 id’s.