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What should I do now? Buyer is asking for contact info!

Hello Everyone,
Hopefully, you amazing freelancers/Fiverr Staff and all are really doing great.
Well, I am here to hear from you guys on a serious thing which happened with me today morning.
Can you please look at the Screenshots attached and help me get over it?

Hoping for the best help, Thanks in Advance!


You did everything right. We cannot provide telephone numbers, no matter what the client says. If it’s that hard to explain by writing, your suggestion is perfect: an audio or a video works just fine.
I don’t think it’s worth trying to talk to CS about this, but you can tell the client you asked and they said no.


Communication outside Fiverr is strictly forbidden and may get both you and your buyer banned.

Say that to your buyer. Say it clearly and refuse to discuss it further.


you did right. communication outside fiver is not allowed