What should I do now in this situation?


Two days ago i got an order from a person. my task was to write him a script for whiteboard explainer video. I delivered it today and now he is telling me that it is not standard. I asked him why it’s not standard but he isn’t answering. Even he didn’t accept my delivery yet. Though he’s still online. So i clicked on his profile to know about him and found that he’s a seller too and his last delivery was 41 minutes ago. i delivered the script 45 minutes ago!

I presume he has used my script to complete his own delivery and gonna cancel my order. what should i do now?


Be calm!

Give the Buyer more time. Maybe the Buyer stepped away from his/her desk to pour a cup of :coffee:.


I’m sorry to hear that. My kind advice is do not do work for who do the same/similar job as you in here.

I have several messages weekly that they want me to do video works. When I check their profile, I see that they are also seller here and offer same services with me.

You’r right they get the works than they find someone to do the job. They get your work and send it their clients and then they cancel the order.

Also @nikavoice is right. Maybe this is just a fair order :slight_smile: Wait him.


What if he is a fraud?


I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions here. Are you :100:% certain that you delivered what your gig promised? I’m talking about free of spelling, grammar, punctuation errors? Communication is key here, wait until the Buyer responds if he provides more details… The question is are you willing to revise?


it’s my bad that i didn’t check his profile previously. :disappointed:

what should i do if he cancel the order without any reason? from where i can get justice? :confused:


You’re jumping the gun!

Wait until the buyer asks for any revisions etc. before you start to panic - it may be nothing at all!


yep i can wait.

i delivered what he requested. he said it’s not standard. i asked why. he isn’t answering. That’s why i jumped to the conclusion that he’s a fraud after viewing his profile. Let’s see I’m right or not.


FYI~ Calling the Buyer the F-word is a bit much don’t you think? Um, the Buyer could be reading this thread and take revenge. :hushed: Somethings are better left unsaid.

Drink a cup :coffee: or something! Panicking will not solve the issue.


If anything, and this can’t be fixed by you or them, definitely contact fiverr support. Thanks things calmly all be well.