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what should i do now?

My gig was on first page for few weeks but suddenly when i get label 1 my gig was not found on first 5 or 6 pages what should i do now?


There are thousands of gigs on Fiverr and only 48 of them fit on the first page.

Fiverr rotates the gigs that appear on the first page according to their secret algorithm. No one has the :key: to the secret of how the first page gigs are chosen.

If you promise to tell me the secret of ranking on the first page if you discover that secret. I promise to tell you the secret if I find it. :wink:


Just a simple sentence as your heading is likely to attract more replies.

If you type “losing gig rank” in the search bar above there are several posts on this subject which you may find helpful.


and i never look my gigs


Meaning, you are not getting Orders now?

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I have a different question. how do you know your gig is on first page

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Click on “Switch to Buying” and go to your Gig Category bar. And see if your gig shows at the first page or not.


It happens.

It’s been explained in this thread and about 500 others since I started paying attention to the Forum just over a month ago.

Fiverr is not a guaranteed work source.

Yes, you can do not bad here but it takes work and (as been said here already) you are not the only freelancer here.


I had the same issue but it will go back up just wait and maybe improve the gig - add video etc and share it on social media.

Vickie, it would be funny if in the end the algorithm is totally random :blush: :grinning: