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What should I do ranking my gigs?

Hi guys, I’m new seller, I’ve completed 19 orders within 54 days. one gig was first page and got some order but now no gig on first page, no much impression, no click last 7 days. I don’t understand why this problem. can anyone suggest me what should do for my gig ranking? Thanks all…


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Hi there,
If you want to rank and retain your gigs on fiverr, you need to do serious research work on Graphics and content writing. The best option for achieving this target is analyzing the successful gigs in detail and then create your own gig considering all the research.


Thanks For your best reply!

why this problem

It isn’t a problem. Gigs change positions in search all the time.

It would be ridiculous if anyone was able to stay on the first page forever.

what should do

Don’t rely on Fiverr for exposure. I recommend you read this post:


I know a seller(in my category) whose gig always stay on the first page. I think this shows his dedication, hard work, and work quality. I would say he is truly deserving.

Because that’s not how Fiverr works, and it would be unfair to everyone else who “deserves” to be there.

The point I’m making is that everyone’s gigs, at some point, rotate through search. I see it happen all the time with my own gig and with the gigs of other sellers. We see people complain about it on the forum every day as well.

If we’re going to start the “they deserve it” debate, then Level 2+ sellers that have been getting consistent orders for years should not be moved to the last page in favour of newer sellers.

But that happens.

Things like this have to happen or new sellers would rarely get orders - it’s Fiverr’s way of giving everyone a chance. You might not see that as fair, and I can understand that, but that’s how it is.

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