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What should I do to keep orders rolling in?

Hi community members,

I have been a dormant member of Fiverr for a few years now but a few months back I decided to give the website a shot. I worked hard to optimize my gigs and respond to maximum buyer requests.( I have offered proposals to 80+ buyer requests till date) Last month I even managed to cross $100 in revenues but this month suddenly my gigs lost their presence on the website.

I know most of my buyers didn’t post reviews on my orders despite being happy with the work. (maybe they were in more hurry to get work done and vanish off). Now I am facing problem of minimum impressions, views and clicks.

I even optimized the description of two of my common gigs. Please help me out on how to improve my presence on the website.

Also, can someone please let me know if we can ask for reviews for custom orders. (if yes, what’s the process)

It is against the rules to ask buyers for reviews.

ok. will keep that in mind.